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The Intruder
(finished 1st in its dev group)

Sela Ward 100,000
Ted Levine 100,000
Don Cheadle 100,000
Joaquin Pheonix  100,000

director Jonathan Demme 2,750,000

Total Cast and Director: 3,150,000

genre Horror - $15,000,000
screen count 3000 15,000,000
ad budget 10,000,000

Total Budget 43,150,000

On a cold, snowy night, a mother (Ward) lies in bed reading as her two children sleep in their rooms. When something trips the home alarm system, a frightening chain of events is set in motion. As the night wears on, a mysterious intruder will elude detection by the police while physically and psychologically terrorizing the family. The mother struggles to protect her children, but is breaking down physically and emotionally. At dawn, the intruder's identity is revealed, bringing a violent end to the nightmare.