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the pitches:

Harmony, Ohio
(finished 3rd in its dev group)

James Gandolfini 100,000
 Mary Louise Parker 100,000
Joseph Mazello 100,000
Chloe Sevigny 100,000
Ted Levine 100,000
Don Cheadle 100,000
John C. Reilly 100,000
Carisa Glucksman 100,000
Phillip Baker Hall 100,000

Director: Sam Mendes 500,000

Total Cast and Director: 1,400,000

genre Arthouse Film - $1,000,000
screen count 800 4,000,000
ad budget 10,000,000

Total Budget 16,400,000

16-year-old Steven (Mazello) lives in poverty in a trailer park in Ohio. His life was uneventful until his daddy, Big Hawk (Gandolfini), was sent upstate on a narcotics charge. Now Steven must take care of his alcoholic stepmother (Parker) and two little sisters while his daddy is gone. Complicating matters is a gang of vengeful neighborhood teens, harassment by his step-mother's ex-boyfriend and the possibility of sudden homelessness. Steven must mature and help his family survive life in a neighborhood weighed down by hopelessness.