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the pitches:

Talent Show
(finished 2nd in its dev group)
Ben Stiller 100,000
Lisa Kudrow 100,000
Mason Gamble 100,000
William H. Macy  750,000
Reese Witherspoon 4,500,000
John Goodman 4,000,000
Alan Alda 100,000
Mary Tyler Moore 100,000
George Segal  100,000

director : David O. Russell 500,000

Total Cast & Director:  10,350,000

genre Comedy - $20,000,000 \
screen count 3000 15,000,000
ad budget: 10,000,000

Total Budget  55,350,000

In his first year producing the Bumpass County H.S. talent show, teacher Matt Stevens (Ben Stiller) senses disaster. The townies of his Iowa town are abuzz over the rumors and innuendo.  The Wednesday morning bible-study is threatening to boycott on account of the Madonna skit. There is also a rumored sabotage of the New Kids lip-sync performance and Stevens thinks he is being stalked by several cafeteria workers. Stevens knows that his job and possibly life depend on the success of this "friendly little show."