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Released: 02.25.00
Gross: $612,663,122
Blurred Fact Sheet

Released: 03.24.00
Gross: $140,154,804

Chunky! Fact Sheet

I Was a...Fratboy!
Released: 06.02.00
Gross: $413,000,000
Fratboy! Fact Sheet

t o   b e   r e l e a s e d :

I Was a...Fratboy (comedy)
Talent Show (comedy)
Utopia (comedy)
The Intruder (horror)
The Shadow Affair (thriller)
Click (thriller)
Psychosis (thriller)
Lo Mein High Noon (comedy)
Harmony, Ohio (art house drama)
Particle Man (animation)
Central Intelligence (drama)
The Project (drama)

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