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I Was a Semi- Retarded Fratboy!
(finished 2nd in its dev group)

Jimmy Fallon 100,000
Shannon Elizabeth 100,000
Tracy Morgan 100,000
Will Ferrell 100,000
Jim Breuer 100,000
Eddie Kaye Thomas 100,000
David Krumholtz 100,000
Chris Klein 100,000
Cher O’Teri 100,000

Director: Amy Heckerling 500,000

Total Cast and Director: 1,400,000

Genre: Comedy – 20,000,000
Screens: 3000 screens – 15,000,000
Ad Budget: 10,000,000

Total Budget: 46,400,000

Welcome to the bizarre and often absurd world of college fraternity life. Ritual shavings, public displays of erection, and latently homosexual activity by outwardly homophobic boys pass for the norm. Dylan (Eddie Kaye Thomas), a pledge at State University, must survive his first year by navigating this kafka-esque world filled with creative booting, awkward rubbing and bare-ass naked drinking games. As the end of pledge period nears, he realizes that illegal drug use and sex with animals is not all it’s cracked up to be.