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Central Intelligence
(finished 1st in its dev group)

Co-production with 33 Productions

Philip Seymour Hoffman 100,000
Glen Close 250,000
Cate Blanchett 2,500,000
Hillary  Swank 100,000
John C. Reily 100,000
Don Cheadle 100,000
Larry Hagman 100,000
William H. Macy 1,000,000
Philip Baker Hall 100,000

Directed by: Paul Thomas Anderson 2,750,000

Total Cast and Director: 7,100,000

Genre: drama -  27,500,000
Screens – 3000 – 15,000,000
Ad Budget – 10,000,000

Total Budget:  59,600,000

The United States Intelligence community has been described as elusive, mysterious - even dangerous and lawless. Shaped largely in the 1950’s by the emerging Cold War, American intelligence gathering was home to our country’s most crucial – and darkest - secrets. This ensemble look inside the heart of American intelligence – the C.I.A. - is a chronicle of the company men (Hoffman, Reilly, Cheadle, Blanchett) who risk their lives and sacrifice their family’s safety (Allen, Swank) during the most dangerous and important time in this country’s history.