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I Was a Semi-Retarded Fratboy! is in its SEVENTH week in theaters and has passed the 400 million dollar barrier and is close to cracking the Top 10 all-time list. We are currently working on our section for the upcoming Red Flag Productions drama titled The Project and are outlining a script for a co-production with Dcope titled Click.

After Click and The Project are completed, we are going to focus on two other writing deals: Utopia, from Fly on the Wall Studios, and Particle Man from F2 Films. 

We have also signed on with Atticus Pictures to participate in a yet-to-be-named horror anthology. Our creative design department will be creating the poster, website and art for this one.

VP CHOICE NOMINATIONS. Suburban Films received 20 direct and 2 indirect nominations during the VP Choice nominations period. Nominations included Best Film, Best Producer, Most Promising Producer, Best Comedy, Best Mystery/Thriller, and Best Studio Website. Blurred received a total of ten nominations, while Chunky! received seven. A total of nine acting, two directing, and two casting nominations were also received.

We are also contributing to VPNews - columns, stats, analysis, etc..

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