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The Shadow Affair
(finished 4th in its dev group) 

Co-production with The Alexander Corporations

Ben Affleck 4.5 mill
Angelina Jolie 3.5 mill
Robert Carlyle 100,000
Lucy Liu 100,000
Viggo Mortensen 4.0 mill
Vin Diesel 100,000
Phillip Baker Hall 100,000
Rade Serbedzija 100,000
Armin Mueller-Stahl 100,000
Judy Davis 100,000

Director: John McTiernan 4.5 mill

Total Cast and Director: 17,100,000

Genre: Thriller 25,000,000
Screens: 3,000 (15,000,000)
Ad budget: 10,000,000

Total budget:  67,100,000

"Don't worry, I learned long ago to stop asking questions," explains Gary Cope (Affleck) to CIA-Director Patricia Jones (Davis) at the end of their latest briefing. The mission, as outlined by Davis, calls for Cope and the rest of his CIA-backed anti-terrorist team (code-named Elude) to find and neutralize a former Russian Colonel, now terrorist, known as "Shadow" (Carlyle).  However, the Elude team quickly learns that while Shadow is more powerful than ever before, there are more dangerous enemies lurking just beyond their periphery.

Produced by: Suburban Films and The Alexander Corporations

Written by: Shane Alexander