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Blurred: Director's Cut

Vaughn, Vince $1,000,000
Watson, Emily $100,000
Nolte, Nick $4,000,000
Voight, John $2,500,000
Hall, Phillip Baker $100,000
Cheadle, Don $100,000
Levine, Ted $100,000
Wagner, Natasha Gregson $100,000
Baker, Joe Don $100,000

Director: Anderson, Paul Thomas $2,750,000.

Screens: 3000
Genre: Mystery/Thriller - $25,000,000.
Ad Budget: $10 Mill

Total budget:  60,850,000

FBI Agent Michael Stevens (Vaughn) realizes he is part of a plot to kill ultraconservative leaders in America and is surprised by his willing participation. Complications arise as a corrupt agent (Nolte), is sent to murder Stevens after he completes his mission. Stevens must find a way to survive while struggling with what he has become. Nominated for ten VP Choice awards, Directorís Cut expands on the original film with many additional scenes, expanded characterizations, producerís commentary and all new visuals.