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the pitches:

Lo Mein High Noon
(finished 2nd in its dev group)

Co-production with BBS

Jackie Chan 3,500,000
Wayne Knight 100,000
Bolo Yeung 100,000
Lou Diamond Phillips 100,000
Jet Li 4,000,000
Jean Claude Van Damme 100,000
Chuck Norris 100,000
Cynthia Rothrock 100,000
Don "The Dragon" Wilson 100,000

Directed by: Hark Tsui 500,000

Total Cast and Director: 8,700,000

Genre: comedy – 20,000,000
Screens: 3000 – 15,000,000
Ad Budget: 10,000,000

Total Budget: 53,700,000

When a pack of pilfering perpetrators from Pennsylvania procure Paul Po's prize pasta, Po's pal Ping plots to plug their path with a powerful punch! But faster than an eight-hundred pound Sumo master can chase down a platter of ribs, our protagonists panic when pinpointed by Dr. Young Wong’s ninja henchmen. A kick to the throat here, a poorly dubbed line there, coupled with a nunchuk hit to the groin and we are faced with all out Ninja/Sumo/Bloated-Hollywood-Movie-Star warfare.