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02/25 Appearance on The Late Show

*** f2films changes topic to 'Welcome to 'The VP Late Show' Tonite guests
include: Suburban, Elvis Lives, TylerDurden, and Marcotte.'
<f2films> Welcome to 'The VP Late Show' Tonite guests include: Suburban,
Elvis Lives, TylerDurden, and Marcotte.
<f2films> Now here's James!
<jameson> Hello everyone...
<jameson> real small crowd tonite
<jameson> how's it going f2?
<f2films> Good
<f2films> just came back from the hospital.
<jameson> what happened?
<f2films> My mom's friend has MS and he's in the hospital cause he didn't
take his medicine.
<jameson> oh ok...that's no good...
<jameson> interestingly, I just passed an ambulance on my way home...
<f2films> The hospital is one of the cleanest places in Vegas, you can
breath there...
* f2films pushes canned laughter button
<jameson> sirens were flashing and all, but nobody was inside..cops were
<jameson> Ok a couple of quick notes for tonite's show...
<jameson> if you wanna ask a guest a question...just private chat me and
then I'll voice yah!
<jameson> next thing, for guests, when typing and if you're not done...
<jameson> just add a "..." at the end...
<jameson> that way I'm not going to interrupt yah.
<jameson> So f2...last week's show seemed to be not controversial enough for
the people.
<f2films> Yeah, and we ran too damn long.
<jameson> yah well..no promises for tonite either with that issue.
<f2films> And it was too damn boring... I say we just give people twelve
minutes to talk and then we go to the next guest :D
<jameson> we've lined up some pretty controversial folks...
<jameson> Elvis Lives...announcing his 'real' identity!!
<f2films> Whoa .... or "woah"
<jameson> Marcotte and Tyler with their new film...
<jameson> Suburban...well nothing really controversial about him...
<f2films> yeah
<f2films> So can we get on with the show?
<jameson> besides the fact that he's listed as our hairdresser.
<jameson> how's your perm working for yah?
<f2films> me? perm? huh?
<jameson> EXACTLY!!
<jameson> and they all come roaring in!!
<jameson> say we get started with Suburban...
<jameson> Ok, he's one of the newest producers around, he's got his own
website design company, and just recently added his own movie theatre...
<jameson> from Suburban Films, please welcome Chris Shue to the show....
<jameson> you can speak now!!
* Suburban strolls out in a faux-white fur coat and green jumpsuit
<f2films> Sub is a pimp!
<jameson> how else does he make his vp money!!
<Suburban> Not controversial?! I have been backstage getting coked up and
having sex with the shows' interns!
<jameson> Damn it Monica!!
<jameson> not again!
* Suburban gives exaggerated hugs and kisses to Jameson and F2.
<jameson> love you too babe!
<Suburban> Thanks for having me on. I'll try not to wet myself...
<jameson> so Sub, you asked to be first...cuz you're not FINISHED your
film!! what's with that?
<Suburban> I am a little bitch
<Suburban> its that simple
<Suburban> ...
* jameson standby with the depends f2.
<jameson> you do remember the contract you signed?
<f2films> Yes
<f2films> and....
<f2films> does Andy Richter do this?
<f2films> nooooo
<Suburban> I have to pee
<jameson> little insight for all...every guest signs a contract agreeing to
release their film or pay a fine!
<Suburban> oops...wrong channel
* f2films gives Sub a cup
<Suburban> thanks F2
* jameson wonders if we're talking to sub or his kid?
<Suburban> anyways...
<jameson> speaking of him, how is the little chubster doing?
<f2films> What's with you people calling kids fat!?!
<Suburban> he is chubby...he had cheddar cheese for dinner tonight :o)
<Suburban> and some breakfast sausage
<f2films> hahaha ... little fatso, how old is the little guy?
<Suburban> and pudding
<Suburban> a year and a half
<jameson> LOL...the vp money coming in handy?
<f2films> oh
<Suburban> of course...he does most of the posters...
<jameson> ahh..that's what I suspected!
<Suburban> that's why they are of dubious quality
<jameson> but seriously, the Stripmall design co. is doing really well, are
you surprised at that?
<Suburban> of course...I'm a hack...
<jameson> anything that you think makes yours different from other ad
<Suburban> I got lucky with a couple of posters...
<f2films> like The Picture Gallery?
<Suburban> I thought the ... meant I got to keep typin :o)
<jameson> my bad!
<jameson> all done!!
<Suburban> that's fine, Rosie...talk over the guests :o)
<jameson> fuck you!!
<Suburban> now we're getting controversial...
<jameson> I'm no 500 lbs woman...
<f2films> Rosie is a big fat lesbian...
<jameson> you always add a little spice in my life...sub!
<Suburban> ANyway...
<jameson> anyhoo...guess we should talk about your film, 'blurred'
<Suburban> alrighty...
<jameson> gotta say, I've been diggin that banner for it.
<Suburban> should I start?
<Suburban> thanks...
<jameson> tell us the premise.
<Suburban> A federal agent is asked to participate in an ...
<Suburban> operation that involves killing conservative/reactionary
<Suburban> around the country. The agent, played by Vince Vaughn, goes
<Suburban> along with this and is surprised by his own willing
<Suburban> as the movie progresses, he realizes that he is becoming what he
is trying to eradicate...
<Suburban> as well as that he is being targeted for termination...
<jameson> sub, just the premise...not the cole's notes!!
<Suburban> Sorry!
<Suburban> The premise is its a big porn fest
<Suburban> wrapped in a thriller
<jameson> and you heard it here first!!
<f2films> couldn't you just post the damn pitch?
<Suburban> the pitch blows
<Suburban> it was my first one for the game
<f2films> oh well ... do I care? No!
<jameson> heeh...j/k!! So basically, you've got an agent who's trying to
kill politicians and someone wants him deadąthat accurate?
<jameson> and everyone can check it out in your own theatres...wanna hand
out the url?
<Suburban> sure...
<Suburban> http://suburbanfilms.tripod.com/theaters
<jameson> and we'll have a complete script tonite?
<Suburban> if I can stay up late enough...seriously, no later than tomorrow
morning and it is almost done now just needs tweaking
<jameson> Thx a lot Chris for being on, check out suburban films' debut
'blurred' tomorrow in vp theatres everywhere
<Suburban> thanks guys...
<jameson> np, we'll be right back with the unmasking of elvislives....
* Suburban gets his cup...