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F I L M   V E N  T U R E   F U N D 

Hi. I'm Chris Shue, head of Suburban Films.. In an effort to spend some of the disgusting amount of VP cash I have amassed in just five short months, I am putting up the funds to buy in an unlimited amount of new vp movies. Five-hundred million dollars worth of VP venture capital, just waiting to be taken advantage of by you. A freebie, really - like a big ole hunk of government cheese.

Anyway, here is how it works:

1) You send me your story/idea/script. If it has any redeeming value whatsoever, then it gets green-lighted. I help with editorial stuff, casting, budget, etc.. Once you have completed your film, we buy that sucker in as a co-production and put it on the schedule.

2) I create the poster and website for the film and put the full marketing force of the Stripmall Design Company behind our joint effort. This is all done gratis, of course.

3) You pay for the film costs. I buy it in. We split the monster profits RIGHT DOWN THE MIDDLE. If your film hits huge (and I know it will) I will recoup my investment and then some and you should make a tidy little profit.

Interested? I knew you were! Drop me a line: