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Sub's Poster Factory creates posters and banners on a limited basis for great vp movies. If you've got a movie coming out, drop us a line and we'll see if we can help.

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06.17.00: I Was a Semi-Retarded Fratboy is now in its third week in theaters! Look for Click, a production from Dcope and our studio, in the coming weeks. We are also involved in the massive Red Flag production called The Project.

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Released (with total gross):

Blurred ($612,663,122)
Blurred Fact Sheet

Chunky! ($140,154,804)
Chunky! Fact Sheet

Vince Vaughn on 
the set of 'Blurred'

To be released:
I Was a Semi-Retarded Fratboy (comedy)
Talent Show (comedy)
Utopia (comedy)The Intruder (horror)
The Shadow Affair (thriller)
Click (thriller)
Psychosis (thriller)
The Evil Among Us (thriller)
Lo Mein High Noon (comedy)
Harmony, Ohio (art house drama)
Particle Man (animation)
Central Intelligence (drama)
The Project (drama)

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