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(finished 5th in its dev group)
On direction from his superiors, Agent Michael Stevens (Vaughn), has assassinated a notorious militia leader.  His next assignment: kill the leader of the Religious Right, Buxton Swain (Voight). Stevens realizes he is part of a plot to kill ultra conservative leaders in America and is surprised by his own willing participation. Complications arise as a corrupt FBI agent (Nolte), is sent to murder Stevens after he kills Swain. Stevens must find a way to survive while struggling with what he has become.

Director: Paul Thomas Anderson


(finished 4th in its dev group)
Nick (Stahl) is going insane. Chunky!, the play he's producing for his junior high school, opens in three weeks. Worse, he suspects his bible-thumping mother (Bates) is using her Mary Kay job as a front to sell crack to bored housewives. His unemployed father (Goodman) is getting absurdly heavy and inviting Internet chat buddies over for dinner. A draconian sister and insane neighbors add to his dementia. Nick must turn to a polka-obsessed aunt and Elvis-impersonating grandmother to help save his family and the play.

Director: Joel Coen
(finished 4th in its dev group)
Edward Norton 12,500,000
Angelina Jolie  4,000,000
Forest Whitaker 5,000,000
Sean Penn  250,000
Jason Scott Lee  750,000
David Duchovny  2,250,000
Kirsten Dunst  2,500,000

director David Fincher 10,000,000

Total Cast & Director 37,250,000

genre Mystery/Thriller - $25,000,000
screen count 3000 – 15,000,000
ad budget 10,000,000

Total Budget 87,250,000

David Lyne (Norton) suffered a severe psychological reaction while participating in a trial for the experimental drug Serenitex,. Now home after a long hospital stay, Lyne begins having similar psychological episodes, albeit with increasing frequency. His life slowly unravels as the psychosis makes it impossible for him to determine the hallucinatory beginning and end of an episode. Paranoid that the drug's manufacturer has sent people to kill him,  Lyne struggles to expose Serenitex while fighting the creeping insanity and horrifying visions that are destroying him.


Talent Show
(finished 2nd in its dev group)

Ben Stiller 100,000
Lisa Kudrow 100,000
Mason Gamble 100,000
William H. Macy  750,000
Reese Witherspoon 4,500,000
John Goodman 4,000,000
Alan Alda 100,000
Mary Tyler Moore 100,000
George Segal  100,000

director : David O. Russell 500,000

Total Cast & Director:  10,350,000

genre Comedy - $20,000,000 \
screen count 3000 – 15,000,000
ad budget: 10,000,000

Total Budget  55,350,000

In his first year producing the Bumpass County H.S. talent show, teacher Matt Stevens (Ben Stiller) senses disaster. The townies of his Iowa town are abuzz over the rumors and innuendo.  The Wednesday morning bible-study is threatening to boycott on account of the Madonna skit. There is also a rumored sabotage of the New Kids lip-sync performance and Stevens thinks he is being stalked by several cafeteria workers. Stevens knows that his job and possibly life depend on the success of this "friendly little show."


Harmony, Ohio
(finished 3rd in its dev group)

James Gandolfini 100,000
 Mary Louise Parker 100,000
Joseph Mazello 100,000
Chloe Sevigny 100,000
Ted Levine 100,000
Don Cheadle 100,000
John C. Reilly 100,000
Carisa Glucksman 100,000
Phillip Baker Hall 100,000

Director: Sam Mendes 500,000

Total Cast and Director: 1,400,000

genre Arthouse Film - $1,000,000
screen count 800 – 4,000,000
ad budget – 10,000,000

Total Budget – 16,400,000

16-year-old Steven (Mazello) lives in poverty in a trailer park in Ohio. His life was uneventful until his daddy, Big Hawk (Gandolfini), was sent upstate on a narcotics charge. Now Steven must take care of his alcoholic stepmother (Parker) and two little sisters while his daddy is gone. Complicating matters is a gang of vengeful neighborhood teens, harassment by his step-mother's ex-boyfriend and the possibility of sudden homelessness. Steven must mature and help his family survive life in a neighborhood weighed down by hopelessness.


The Intruder
(finished 1st in its dev group)

Sela Ward 100,000
Ted Levine 100,000
Don Cheadle 100,000
Joaquin Pheonix  100,000

director Jonathan Demme 2,750,000

Total Cast and Director: 3,150,000

genre Horror - $15,000,000
screen count 3000 – 15,000,000
ad budget – 10,000,000

Total Budget – 43,150,000

On a cold, snowy night, a mother (Ward) lies in bed reading as her two children sleep in their rooms. When something trips the home alarm system, a frightening chain of events is set in motion. As the night wears on, a mysterious intruder will elude detection by the police while physically and psychologically terrorizing the family. The mother struggles to protect her children, but is breaking down physically and emotionally. At dawn, the intruder's identity is revealed, bringing a violent end to the nightmare.


The Shadow Affair
(finished 4th in its dev group) 

Co-production with The Alexander Corporations

Ben Affleck 4.5 mill
Angelina Jolie 3.5 mill
Robert Carlyle 100,000
Lucy Liu 100,000
Viggo Mortensen 4.0 mill
Vin Diesel 100,000
Phillip Baker Hall 100,000
Rade Serbedzija 100,000
Armin Mueller-Stahl 100,000
Judy Davis 100,000

Director: John McTiernan 4.5 mill

Total Cast and Director: 17,100,000

Genre: Thriller – 25,000,000
Screens: 3,000 (15,000,000)
Ad budget: 10,000,000

Total budget:  67,100,000

"Don't worry, I learned long ago to stop asking questions," explains Gary Cope (Affleck) to CIA-Director Patricia Jones (Davis) at the end of their latest briefing. The mission, as outlined by Davis, calls for Cope and the rest of his CIA-backed anti-terrorist team (code-named Elude) to find and neutralize a former Russian Colonel, now terrorist, known as "Shadow" (Carlyle).  However, the Elude team quickly learns that while Shadow is more powerful than ever before, there are more dangerous enemies lurking just beyond their periphery.

Produced by: Suburban Films and The Alexander Corporations

Written by: Shane Alexander


I Was a Semi- Retarded Fratboy!
(finished 2nd in its dev group)

Jimmy Fallon 100,000
Shannon Elizabeth 100,000
Tracy Morgan 100,000
Will Ferrell 100,000
Jim Breuer 100,000
Eddie Kaye Thomas 100,000
David Krumholtz 100,000
Chris Klein 100,000
Cher O’Teri 100,000

Director: Amy Heckerling 500,000

Total Cast and Director: 1,400,000

Genre: Comedy – 20,000,000
Screens: 3000 screens – 15,000,000
Ad Budget: 10,000,000

Total Budget: 46,400,000

Welcome to the bizarre and often absurd world of college fraternity life. Ritual shavings, public displays of erection, and latently homosexual activity by outwardly homophobic boys pass for the norm. Dylan (Eddie Kaye Thomas), a pledge at State University, must survive his first year by navigating this kafka-esque world filled with creative booting, awkward rubbing and bare-ass naked drinking games. As the end of pledge period nears, he realizes that illegal drug use and sex with animals is not all it’s cracked up to be.


Lo Mein High Noon
(finished 2nd in its dev group)

Co-production with BBS

Jackie Chan 3,500,000
Wayne Knight 100,000
Bolo Yeung 100,000
Lou Diamond Phillips 100,000
Jet Li 4,000,000
Jean Claude Van Damme 100,000
Chuck Norris 100,000
Cynthia Rothrock 100,000
Don "The Dragon" Wilson 100,000

Directed by: Hark Tsui 500,000

Total Cast and Director: 8,700,000

Genre: comedy – 20,000,000
Screens: 3000 – 15,000,000
Ad Budget: 10,000,000

Total Budget: 53,700,000

When a pack of pilfering perpetrators from Pennsylvania procure Paul Po's prize pasta, Po's pal Ping plots to plug their path with a powerful punch! But faster than an eight-hundred pound Sumo master can chase down a platter of ribs, our protagonists panic when pinpointed by Dr. Young Wong’s ninja henchmen. A kick to the throat here, a poorly dubbed line there, coupled with a nunchuk hit to the groin and we are faced with all out Ninja/Sumo/Bloated-Hollywood-Movie-Star warfare.

Central Intelligence
(finished 1st in its dev group)

Co-production with 33 Productions

Philip Seymour Hoffman 100,000
Glen Close 250,000
Cate Blanchett 2,500,000
Hillary  Swank 100,000
John C. Reily 100,000
Don Cheadle 100,000
Larry Hagman 100,000
William H. Macy 1,000,000
Philip Baker Hall 100,000

Directed by: Paul Thomas Anderson 2,750,000

Total Cast and Director: 7,100,000

Genre: drama -  27,500,000
Screens – 3000 – 15,000,000
Ad Budget – 10,000,000

Total Budget:  59,600,000

The United States Intelligence community has been described as elusive, mysterious - even dangerous and lawless. Shaped largely in the 1950’s by the emerging Cold War, American intelligence gathering was home to our country’s most crucial – and darkest - secrets. This ensemble look inside the heart of American intelligence – the C.I.A. - is a chronicle of the company men (Hoffman, Reilly, Cheadle, Blanchett) who risk their lives and sacrifice their family’s safety (Allen, Swank) during the most dangerous and important time in this country’s history.


The Evil Among Us
(finished 3rd in its dev group)

Co-production with Indie King Productions

George Clooney 12,500,000
Matt Damon 2,000,000
Steve Buscemi 6,250,000
Tommy Lee Jones 5,000,000
Nicole Kidman 13,750,000
Sandra Bullock 11,250,000

director: Quentin Tarontino   4,500,000

Total Cast & Director: 55,750,000

genre: Mystery/Thriller - $25,000,000
screen count: 3000 – 15,000,000
ad budget: 10,000,000

Total Budget:  105,750,000

Adaptation: Written works (costs 10% of GROSS)

Source: Based on three short stories by Edward Lee, F. Paul Wilson, and Nancy A. Collins

Three tales of suspense and terror by some of the best writers today. In ICU, an underground smut peddler (Clooney) Wakes up in a hospital after a nasty shootout, But is this hospital really what it seems? GOOD FRIDAY is the tale of two nuns (Bullock and Kidman)  trapped in a convent as the world slowly turns to vampirism. And finally, in CATFISH GAL BLUES, A Tale of greed and lust in the Deep south takes a nasty turn.



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